General Use

General Admission Prices:

Adults: $5.00 per session
Students: $2.50 per session
Children: under 2 yrs Free
Learn to Swim students with an adult – Free with adult

Everyone is welcome, you do not need a program to use the centre, come along and just enjoy the benefits of exercise in warm water.


Exercise in water has all the health benefits of exercise plus:

  • Reduces weight through the joints.
  • Reduces pain, swelling and stiffness.
  • Enables pain-free exercise.
  • Enables you to do exercises you couldn’t do out of the water (on land) to build up strength and balance faster.
  • Allows you to exercise safely and more freely without fear of falling.

Post-game or exercise recovery

Using water-based exercise to aid recovery after strenuous exercise or activity has long been the secret weapon of elite athletes eager to optimise performance or recover from injury.  Whether it was a big game, some strenuous yard work or your normal exercise regime that has got you feeling sore, the wonders of warm water will have you back on the sports field in no time!


The benefits of aquatic exercise in post-game or exercise recovery include:

  • Warm water to soothe muscles, aid movement and enhance flexibility
  • Buoyancy, which decreases the load on aching muscles and joints – allowing you to get movement back without the pain!
  • Increased circulation through all extremities, hard-to-reach places and sore spots
  • The ability to very specifically challenge muscle groups in incremental doses, allowing you to control how much and for how long.




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